14th April

Fri 14 Apr 2006 22:23
Tim here,
Hope you are all having aa good holiday. I would just love a lie in or a
walk to get the papers, a pint and a sit down without feeling i must be
resting to row in an hour.
Its a funny time now 740 to go right now. The last few days have been good
with steady if unspectacular progress.The last 100 went in the 3 days and
seemed to go quite quickly. We should go into 600s tomorrow if we keep
Thoughts about finishing times are always in our heads as we try to balance
the food amounts put away in 10 day packs. We have 3 more of this pack left
and all the goodies have gone, just basic small ration 3 meals a day. Today
i was particularly grumpy with a lack of calories. I have started to drink
coffee/tea (alaways black, no sugar) with a spoonful of sugar to finish the
last 1/2 inch in the bottom. Horrible but needed.
We are also becoming more keen to finish with a landfall and row right into
the harbour. We have to be lucky to do this but also in the right place to
do it. So Mick is carefully plotting the right angles to approach Antigua
from so we can row those last few yards. It wont be easy but maybe we'll be
lucky. As well as going west we are trying to push just a little bit further
south in case the sea current (Equatorial current) pushes us north. We are
only guessing really but who knows. We are both desperate to finish but
aware that even at this stage complacency could mess things up so are making
as sure as we can that all the routines are followed which have served us
well. Concentrating on now is better than aching for 700 miles to go.