Saturday - 11 February

Sat 11 Feb 2006 16:03
After a stormy night the morning was calmer with the wind from the NNW. We
decided to give it a go so after breakfast we retrieved the anchor and off
we went. Reasonable progress has been made across the wind and waves at
about 1 kn for the last 6 hours intially we were holding a track or cours
emade good of 220ish however the wind has backed to NW and we aree just
about holding 190 track . Anyway this is giving us good southerly and a
little westerly progress. We are now in roller country and seeing these
towering monsters coming up at you side on can be a little disconcerted. But
she floats like a cork over of them, only occassionally do we get a slapping
as the peak of the wave as it hits the side of the boat. Tomorrow if the
weather forecast is correct we can look forward to surfing down the faces of
these so and sos. The sun is shining now Tim and I are in a one hour on one
one off routine for the time being.

Tim here just in. Good to be away but really hard work accross the waves. We
are losing 40 degrees of leeway.
Must have a rest as back on in 45 mins. hope everyone at home is ok. We are
doing our best out here and need some help from the elements.