19 April

Wed 19 Apr 2006 23:16
Hi Tim here
For the last couple of days we have made some small gains south against
winds coming from the south. The seas were reasonable and some small mileage
made in the right direction. Today the waves are much larger stopping us
even rowing across the swell as they try and fill the boat or tip the rower
off his seat. It was also true that where ever we rowed the waves ook
control and took us there. The question is do we row quickly down the waves
confortably but speedily in the wrong direction or uncomfortably across them
still in the wrong direction. The wind was blowing to 310T.
We tried the sea anchor to check out if that helped but also to see if there
was an influence of a current. We knew there was a strong push but were
shocked to see that under sea parachute anchor (ltakin out the wind
influence) we were still moving at 6/10 KN in direction 30T ie to the north
east. We want go SW so the current is directly against us pushing us hard
back and north. Chay Blyth said "If in doubt just row" and thats what were
doing, hoping for the wind to change direction and the current to stop.
Time will tell what will happen but as we have said before nothing stays the
same in the ocean.

Food is much better with our emergency ration blocks which tonight bulked up
a choc pud as well as our porridge this am. I have sorted us out 2x12 day

For those who listened to Radio Cumbria it wasnt me who wanted to talk about
toilets. I wonder about next week.

Take care everybody and hope you all had a lovely spring like Easter