On Standby

Thu 26 Jan 2006 10:55
Thursday 26 January

So we are standby, unfortunately the wind is set up to blow us off to
Algeria, Not really what we want. Anyway all the team have been working
really hard to help prepare the boat for our original departure date of 25
January. Thanks to the team Liz and Anna, Pat and Lisa and especially John
and Avril who thought that they were having a holiday.

The wind is still from the West but expected to swing around to the NE on
Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the messages of support and poems we have received, can´t
hope to respond to them all but they mean a lot.

We are not alone, Graham Walters is also on the point of departure with
Puffin his single handed row boat making our boat look palatial. Lot of
encouragement and advice on surviving the row from a bloke who has already
rowed the Atlantic three times!