20/21 February

Mon 20 Feb 2006 21:38
Hi Readers

Mileages are down, we were making northings the other day with the
prevailing conditions, things then changed later on but our overal distance
covered was reduced.
Today a confused sea with waves coming at us from all directions has made it
equally difficult. We have had difficulties again with the steering so
decided to carry out further mods. Handy work drilling, sawing etc on deck
is not easy but any way I think we have improved the system even though I
can hear Tim quietly ciursing its short coming outside on the oars.

Rowing in the early night hours is in almost total darkness, I can see our
instrument GPS , compass etc but poor old Tim is flying blind until the
moons comes up in the early morning..

Hi Ive just come in, The only useful external help i get is the wind
blowing onto my face. We cannot even see the ends of the paddle blades and
need white tape on the handles to fix them.in the right place to row. Hard
work today. I was getting very frustrated with the lack of
progress and the rudder.
10 mins and I'm back out into the deep black night. Anyone know why the moon
rises so late

ps its still cold and cloudy and ra.ins every day No cuncream used in
earnest yet.