9/10 April 2006

Mon 10 Apr 2006 21:13
One odd day yesterday. We made so little progress during the day we never
thought we would get anywhere near our target of 33 Nm a day but overnight
we went like a train and made up loads to finish about 32 Nms. Today has
been another really difficult slog so we dont know whats going on. We seem
to be getting into currents which either oppose our direction or push us too
far north for use. We are trying to keep a course which will take us just
south of due west. Nothing seems good enough for us as we always seem to
have a moan about something in the conditions. Well we still havent seen any
of these legendary rollers accompanied by Ne - Ese winds 3/4.Sometimes the
winds try but the seas have given up in us and are making these last 900
miles seem a very long way.

When we complete we will be the oldest pair to row an ocean. That has been
confirmed by the Ocean Rowing Society. This is the first time being old has
been OK.We still are hopeful for early May, right in the middle of Antigua
Sailing week. That should be fun.