Late night rambles.

Fri 24 Feb 2006 15:41
24th Feb 2006
Sitting out in the middle of the ocean on a night full of stars is
interesting experience to say the least.
Now before i start all who know me will agreee that i tell a tale or two,
on truth but the tale will evolve until the actual truth is hard to
So the truth is 2 blokes on a boat in the middle oif an ocean, getting on
well and pushing hard. Thats the baseline.
However there are more than 2 people on this boat and i'd like to introduce
them. We have a caretaker who is on the boat, i visualise him with a brown
work coat and a bag of tools. He is vitally important as he goes around
fixing, sawing and bashing. Just like the caretaker at work he comes out
with strange answers to normal questions. Like our caretaker who when asked
to put on the heat gives us the answer that it is september. Whats that to
do with being cold. Our caretaker when asked about why i cant steer a course
will tell me about self locking nuts. Well! He also hasnt spoken to Mike
about boat rules as he blatently upsets the balance of the boat, leaves
spanners and cable ties everywhere and will even dismantle the steering when
in use.This bloke rules the roost but only appears when on my own. I need to
mention him ti Mick.

Another chap on our boat makes it a very politically correct boat as we have
a rower who is hearing impaired.As some of you already know, I can talk for
England and will do so for hours on end. Sometimes its nice to have a
grunted acknowledgement but not always as i blather on about everything and
anything. However even I eventually realise that this rower is not mick
working his pan off but our disabled rower completely oblivious to my inane
ramblings. I get brought up short when he shouts really loudly at me. I know
the boat can
be noisy but i am only 2 feet away. "Are you up for a row" - meaning with
oars and not to do with his raised voice. I had been offering to take over
for 30 mins in among all ,my other chat. Why didnt he mention it then. I
have also noticed some wires coming out of his head so i dont know who or
what this rower is but conversationalist isnt he isnt.

Then there are the noises or voices. My doctor tried to have me certified
before this trip but now....? T he waves bash the hull all the time and both
of us are brought up short as a sound resembles a name or a known
voice.Sometimes I know where they are - at the baths, walking down a road -
their voices clear but not quite enough to hear what they say.

I tell you this little boat is becoming a very crowded place.

This is the end of the ramble but i'm sure there will be retaliation.

Today the sea is still the same but the sun is shining and it will become
wash day. Seas jumbled, no wind so other jobs call.

PS Mick works his pan off keeping the boat working as well as it does so
apologies if these characters of fiction resemble anyone in real life.

PPS What a load of twaddle !