Another day in the hutch.

Wed 8 Feb 2006 16:00
Wed 8th Feb
The conditions here have been horrible with 20ft + waves and west force 5/6
blowing all the time. All in the wrong direction.At the moment we are taking
it in turns to sit out on deck to give the other a chance to sleep??? or at
least stretch a little.
We know the forcast is poor until the end of the week so we are pretending
to tough it out. The truth is awe re a bit low hoping that we can get rowing
soon. All the time we have a concern about the boat when it gets into big,
confused seas as its at its most vulnerable then. We are being pretty
battered at the moment with spray and rain coming and us both hot and sweaty
in the hutch. Someone told us about naked rowers we are he same but under
full waterproofs and life jackets and we dont do any rowing just
surviving..Mick came in to the hutch just now and i thought he had just got
stuck half in half out.A change in the weather would do so much. We are so
much behind schedule but patience is needed but i dont have much in the
first pl;ace.
Thanks for your messages we really need them especially now. !!!