18 April

Tue 18 Apr 2006 22:41
Hi again, sorry about that, the blog found its way into the outbox and was
preamturely sent.

Well we have had another torrid day, the wind is from the sound attempting
to push us north we are resisting. Luckily the winds are light and we can
still make some limited progress. However in the light airs we at the mercy
of stray circulating currents that can really mess us about. At one stage we
had an opposing current trying to take us east at about 0.4 kn. Not really
what you want in these circumstances.

Last night we had a bit of excitment I decided to try my hand at fishing
again. We had acquired some bait from the smaller flying fish landing on the
deck. Not long after I put out the bait the sea started to hiss and crackle,
we were passing through some sort of race, fish were jumping all over the
place. A few minutes after that the bait was taken and we had a nice tuna
alongside the boat. I am afraid however that is as far as it went I had my
fingers into its gill to lift it but it gave one late flurry and was off
into the night.
We are now into the second of our 12 day ration packs, one more to go
after that one. Tim has allocated all the recently acquired goodies so we
now have a few treats and a bit more bulk. Part of the food are the life
boiat rations not realy supposed to offer pleasant eating but very tasty
with other things such as tinned fruit, jam, custard. We have also been
allocated our own 12 day goody pack with biscuits nuts/raisins and crisps
after that has gone there will be no more until the next 12 day period.

The laptop battery is trying to tell me somethinng so will rush this off.

Look out tomorrow for pictures of the great boat robberies.