26 February

Sun 26 Feb 2006 19:11
It been a funny old day. We awoke to a virtual calm, the wind blew one way
the b blew the other, wave action was minimal. We slogged on at a
pathetically slow pace. On calm water with an unloaded boat we were
achieving between 1 & 2 knots during training on the river in UK. With a
loaded boat weighting upwards of a tonne in a wallowing sea we struggled to
maintain 0.3 knot. We have rowed all day for a pathetic return again. We
need a break at the moment.

Tim and I are both physically in good shape, mentally, well, that may have
been put into question. No but seriously we are raring to get going

I am sitting here in the hutch typing thi blog, Tim is cooking dinner
outside, the sea is glass calm, really beatuiful. For the first time I feel
I am typing this on a table top, its so still. I have been over the side
again to clean off a few growths on the rudder, hull and desalinator intake
pipe. We are washed and scrubbed for dinner, no more rowing this evening .
We have decided to take an early night and be ready for the off at what ever
time it happens. The forecsast for the tomorrow is NE wind and waves from
the NW. Should be anmother confusing mess but it will permit progress.