29 March

Wed 29 Mar 2006 21:16
Hi Readers

This is our day 60 hope that agrees with everyone elses count. Can I believe
that we have spent 60 days couped up on this rowing boat with Tim being
rocked around continuously. I am really loking forward to the sensations of
walking upright without fear of falling overboard, sleeping in nice bed that
is still, going to the loo without balancing on a bucket, luxury, ahhh.

As Tim said the other day we still have the business to finish. It will be
done but will take a little more time. Weather conditions today have
improved slowly to giveus reasonable progress, the night time phase of the
row is always crucial as to whether we can build on the daytime total or
water it down to something mediocre.

Tomorrow is the day of my dad's funeral. I have been in touch with my family
throughout the last week and have prepared an Eulogy on behave of my family
and myself. This will be read out by my son Alastair at the funeral. We will
also be having a small ceremony on board Fraser's Boat to exactly coincide
with the funeral in the UK. At precisely 2.30 GMT we will stow oars. After a
small introduction there will be readings from Tim and myself and music. At
the end of the ceremony we will have two minutes silence in honour of my

The wake will be held in the hutch with cheese, biscuits and some more of
the whiskey.

Tim here,
Its been difficult for Mick to work out the proper way of doing things under
these conditions. I think he has done his best.

Some thoughts ahead:-
Looking forward to
the Trade Winds blowing steadily
having less than 1000NM to go
sorting out the food problem
putting in an over 40NM days
seeing more wild life
making plans to finish

It still seems an almost impossible goal "Just 1000 NM to go!" err what?? As
we progress each of the above will be ticked off and then we can luxuriate
in Micks list .

I hope tomorrow is OK for Mick and his family.