.....and now

Wed 22 Mar 2006 22:44
Thanks for everyone who has written to Mick I know that your support is
really important to him.
Its strange being out in the middle of the ocean and have such good contact
with so many people who genuinely are concerned about us and what happens to
We are doing fine despite the harsh routine we have imposed on ourselves.
Last night I fell asleep rowing and woke up falling off my perch. I tried
sleeping half my body with only one eye shut ( I did accidenly put in the
adjacent vowel which is more approprite) but that didnt work as the open eye
got jealous.I tried music, singing, racing. When Mick came on to change at
6.00am I was asleep is seconds.I ahve tried to catch up with my sleep today
and have slept evry possible moment in prep for tonight. Well ony 50 more
nights to go !!!!!
Things are ok withrowing but we still have littl or no good winds but we
are pushing hard every shift to keep the pace going.As you can see from the
web page we are keeping up a more consistent mileage but its not enough for
us and hope the conditions will continue to improve. We dont want to be the
first team ever to cross the trade winds and not get any trade winds.
However the weather is beautiful and we are trying to appreciate the
sunshine, sunsets and calm seas. Tans are starting but only on front and
back but our backs of legs get no sun. I wear rowing gloves and I am
beginning to look like one of the black and white minstrels. (older readers
only will understand).
More dolphins arrived to play today but my efforts to video them were
rubbish I kept mising them. The best bit was when they exhailed under the
boat and air just gushed up all around. They are quite big and very gassy.
Good fun but they leave too ealy as they go on the search for other games.

Thats it for Mick sends his regards and thanks