21 February

Wed 22 Feb 2006 17:04
Hi Readers

Today we rowed and rowed. We are just about to start the night shift which
will I hope will be more productive than the day shift which resembled
through porridge in a confused sea. I am on sick leave for an houir follow
massage from doctor Tim to free up some bunched up muscles in my back. I'II
soon be back to the oars.ction now

We are looking for the perfect rolling wave maybe they exist in the trade
wind belt (300 miles south of our position and where we are heading) where
we will
surf effortlessly down wave after wave and do lots of lovely miles, hope

We thought we we were getting near to the tropic but still needed to wrap
up, certainly not rowing in buff for us.Full water proofs. Every now and
again some one
throws a bucket of water of us. Lying in the cabin when Tim is rowing it is
difficult to imagine that he hasn't had a blow out and hit the central
reservation or some uncharted rock, with the noise some of the waves make as
they impacts are so servere.
Anyway we keep telling orselves it will get warmer soon.
the early days.
Rob and Szuza from Cambridge ask what wild life we have seen, sorry we
don't have tails of dolhins or whales yet. So far we have seen the grand
total of one small turtle who paddled past us the first storm when we were
at anchor also a swallow like bird, several sightings that swops across the
waves black, solid forked tail and a white mark on back V shape, anyone any
ideas, obviously hundreds of miles from land and lookikng quite happy.
Drinks sea water whilst still in flight.

Tim here. Trying to make the most of a confused\sea. When I finish 1 hour
row with Mick resting, he will row for 2 with me steering. We seem to make
better progress that way but don't know how long to keep it going cos i like
my sleep.

Today we went over 600 nautical miles rowed. That includes poor nav bits
too but if we are optimistic its about a quarter. Its also 24 days out which
is about a quarter of the time. We have caught up on our lost days from the
storm and the watermaker.(7 in all), so there is much to celebrate with a
cold coffee (it was another gas free day yesterday.). We don't have much to
go to make it over the Tropic of Cancer, leave us less than 2000 NM to go. A
few short term targets to meet rather than wondering how on earth are we
going to do this!!!!!
I have got to row again now. Elbow still sore but hope infection now gone.
My massage skills used last night but i had to go and row instead so i was
pleased when it seems to have worked and mick is back in full action. He
eats Duracell batteries for snacks. I am on the ones from the market.
Take care everybody, we are doing ok and find our way out of most probs.
This part of the trip is about grafting the miles away. No one else can do
them for us. However we love your comments and emails so thanks loads.They
help lots and we always ask "How many emails today"?. thanks again I'm late
and don't want to be given extra!!!!!