8 March

Wed 8 Mar 2006 23:30
Hi Readers

More rowing, this time in messy seas which will return modest distances . Do
these nice smoooth rollers exist where we will glide effortlessly down the
face at never to be imagined speeds.

No fish yet, I tried the plug today, these tasty fish swan up to it any then
treated oit withdisdain. What I am waiting for is for the Atlanic wersion of
mackerel to come by that virtualy catch themselves. No suggestions yet on
how to catch little monkeys yet.

No change on the gas cooker situation. It works just about, but we have
suggesion to use fish hooks, raid the first aid. copper or steel wire

We have crossed into what we have termed the great circle part of our route
and will follow this to our final destinstion. Infactr we will are using
Antigua as our way point on our GPS even though if id dtill 1800 nm away.

Tomorrow we will exceed 1000nm rowed etc on Frasers Boat log since leaving
La Gomera.. We may break out the digestive biscuits to celebrate. As an
aside I am mad about digestive biscuits, imagine my surprise to find out
that they are made in Carlisle near Tim's home, truly amaxing!