Jan 31 to Feb 2

Thu 2 Feb 2006 20:26
Tim looked after the boat in Peurto de la Restinga whilst I set off for the
flesh pots of El Heirro armed with two watermakers. We were both quite
depressed with fatique and disappointment that we had suffered these
problems. After a night in a hotelin Valverde the main town of El Heirro I
set off to Gran Canaria where I was helped by Mike Hamilton the agents for
the watermaker. After checks and bench testing I was off again getting back
to Tim less than 24hours after arriving on ElHeirro. The wind was blowing
and sea was up so we quickly fitted the water maker bought a few goodies in
the the shops and set off. leaving the harbour at 18 18hrs on 1 Feb.

The large following seas gave us some problems to sort out in the dark,
hmmm. Anyway we experimented with drogues and found a system that worked and
kept us aligned After our fatigue of the last few days we were determined to
get some more shut eye.So for four of the night hours we both piled into the
cabin to get some sleep!! There has to be something better.

Today we wer tretaed to a north wind and cofused seas not a nice Atlantic
swell. Anyway I think we might just be getting hang of this rowing business.

PS oh yes yours truly manged the chuck THE bucket over the side. derrr think
trapeze work will be necessary in future.

Hi Tim here. Yes today we had a day of losing things. The poo bucket now
about 4000m down, a nice
blue plate gone without trace and all those who know me well will not be
surprised that I chushed a pair of sun . glasses. Also juist a min ago a
near miss with our reserve poo bucket with a successful bucket over board
drill.We must be more careful.

A laptop on a desk is so much easier than in the back cabin rolling around.
A good day despite the losses. I sulked about my glasses. though. See you in
the summer. Tim asnd Mike.

Our routines are still developing w3ith a changes every hour during nthe day
with longer shift at night and then some time with us both resting but zas
Mick says its a bit close. I'm getting better but at first I found `the
night rowing very difficult especially with such a new moon. The
compensation have been the stars especially the shooting stars.