17 May

Wed 17 May 2006 20:28
Hi, Mick Again,

The gremlins have been at it again. we are, guess what being pushed north by
a strong ese wind coupled with strong ne running current. We are unable to
hold a course at present to Antigua. The current system is extensive
according to the coastguard. If we cannot reach Antigua we will consider our
row complete when we cross into the Carribean north of Antigua. We would
then be met by a tow boat as we cross the 'line'. If however conditions
change in our favour we will do our best to reach Antigua unassisted.

Its late afternoon the unforecsat se wind continues to blow and continues to
give us problems. We are fighting galantly to maintain our southerly
position and winning. The forecast winds for the next few days could come to
our rescue, Tomorrow an ese or e then a run of days, up to four where the
wind will be from the east. Why to singing and fat ladies spring to mind!!!

A well known saying by Lance Armstrong extolls his view on life, Many
people have quoted this saying which refers to pain only being temporary, We
have this written out this saying on the ceiling of our hutch. Its
particularly true in our case. The pain is there and will be temporary.