Reasons and Excuses.

Thu 23 Feb 2006 10:30
Below is the reason for our poor daily progress compared with some recent
days. Thanks to Laurie, one of Micks friend who supplied the info.

Here is some sort of weather prediction as gleaned from the net.
There is a weather system in north atlantic that is messing the winds and
waves. Basically wind is running up the back of a north atlantic system
causing it to veer to west and then back and waves are spreading south
east meeting the prevailing waves travelling sw. These will give you two
wave trains one from the north west the other from the northeast. I guess
that is what you might call confused.

Approx Wind Speed (knots), wind direction, wave height (ft), wave direction
23 15 wsw 11 se to sw
24 14 w/wsw 6 se
25 14 sw 5 s
26 14 sw 5 se to s
27 14 sw 8 se to sw

According to the satellite pics there is little cloud but you are in rain

What taht lot means to us is that the waves and the wind are not coordinated
and at times it is difficult to know which to follow for best. It also looks
like we will have the same pattern for the next few days (and nights). We
are trying different things. Yesterday as mentioned in the last blog we were
trying to steer for the other while he rowed. This enables the rower to keep
working without always stopping to adjust the rudder which is between his
feet. This sets up its own probs with over stretching too often. We also
need to change rudder more often because of the nature of the confused sea,
A bit of a negative spiral. With the other steering he can pick the best
line and the boat speed picks up. The problem with it is that noone gets
good rest, the crack is good but today we know we cantr keep it up
especially as the forcast is for it to continue for a few days. The odd day
yes but not for a long period.
Got to close up now as the cloudy conditions make us unable to charge
batteries ans as we need water that takes priority until the sun shines.
Time to keep grafting and put in some hard yards, Every 30 milews now is a
day less at the end.