Blog update 6th May

Sat 6 May 2006 17:49
Tim and Mick asked us to post this on the blog site as their power
supplies are extremely low. They phoned us this morning

They are in the current and are trying to make headway south-westerly.
They need some help from the wind and are hoping for a north-easterly or
northerly wind to help them. Their food supplies were running dangerously
low and would have lasted them until Tuesday. Luckily a passing ocean
going yacht met up with them last night and gave them enough food to last
another 12 days. Many thanks to them !! Hopefully this will give them the
energy they need to complete the 300 mile left before reaching Antigua.

Tim and Mick are still in good spirits and are as determined as ever to
complete this task

Liz and Pat