16/17 February

Sat 18 Feb 2006 21:16
Hi readers, we have survived our no gas day and made amends for it today,
not sure if it is supposed to work like that. Anyway we have eaten well. The
food isn't at all bad and I can recomend our local chef ( monsieur Tim). The
eat out of the bag ham and mash was beautuifully presented and his builder
strength tea is something to savour.

We have followed on with a no stop rowing policy. As stated early we were
spending too much time prattling and not getting on with job. We still
prattle on but only on condition that someone is rowing efficiently.Our
mantra is 'keep the boat moving'. Hopefully this will return increased

Both Tim and I have good and bad days, a reccurence of sore ar... yesterday
resulted in me having a bad night but I have worked at and today and have
been a lot better. Just at the moment we commented that we were both felling
quite upbeat. Tim and I are good for esch other he supports me and I hope I
do a good job for Tim.

We have been able to salvage one good sliding seat out of the wreckage of
the others and so the.life raft has been demoted to just being a life raft.
In truth we are not really sliding on the thing to anything its full extent.
I'll put in a piece on rowing technique a la Frasers Boat at some time which
will explain the technique or lack of such required.

We are still getting emails of support and encouragement coming from you all
which is really great for us. Lots of thanks, answering them all in full
would be a full time task so apologises to you if responses are late or
brief. Obviously the blog is the state of the game for everyone to see. In
addition to those across UK, we have an international following Donna and
Jerry in Houston, Sharon and Harm in Sydney, Jen in Canada, Terry and
Christine in Spain, the travelling
Paul Bradbury, any more? Tim suggeted West Cumberland but that doesn't
Hi its Tim.
Perhaps we are always complaining. today I've had a really good day. Prattle
indead!!!!!! The reason why we are down is because of the enormity of teh
task. That always seems to temper a good day so today has been good. I dont
think a record day as the seas and wind have been on and off and the wind
gusting then quiet. Not complaining though. Our rowing is so much smarter
than at first and sailing skills about wind directioi, leeway etc help.
Leeway is the effect of wind and waves on the direction of the craft. Most
of the time we are at the mercy of the wave direction as they take the boat
where they are going anyway. Going across big waves can be a capsize risk
Lets hope in a week we can be coun`t ing dowm the miles to Antigua but to
do this and smile we have to remember that today has been a good day.