11 March

Sat 11 Mar 2006 20:22
Hi Readers

We rowed through until about 2 30pm last night and then bedded down for a
longer than normal sleep. The weather was calm and warm! no heavy oilies
required of course.

Today was a virtual calm with slower low level rollers creeping first this
way and then that. We decided to take a b line for Antiga and ignore wave
and wind direction and that is exactly what we have done all day. Nice and
sunny, did more jobs around the boat laundry, basically got our selves
sorted. The stove works better than it ever has and thank goodness the
watermaker is behaving. We have plans to improve our chances of catching
fish but more of that another day!

Hi Tim here. Its been the sort of boat day i like with lots of jobs
successfully completed. We now there is no water coming in the hull as
no extra was in the bilges this am. It would have been interesting to watch
2 blokes calmly discussing whether the boat had a hole in the hull or was
the water coming from somewhere else. 1000 miles from any coast focusses the

The day was hazy sunny but good to wear just shorts. We are still using life
js at all times but we may get a striped tan.

We hope that if the water maker holds up we are in good shape, both crew and
boat to complete this adventure i hope i dont eat my words as
food quantity is a problem as you know but mick has other ideas!!!!

Battery charging a slight prblem cos of very hazy days especially ams when
the panels are best placed. The water maker takes priority.

We feel as if we are on the verge of another push to get the job done. As we
get more into then trade wind belt pick up the North Equitorial current, the
trades progress will corresponding increase, that'sthe theory. Lots of work
still to be done and we have to be aware of getting complacent. Hopefully
not after our scares of the last few days.