25th March 2006

Sat 25 Mar 2006 20:43
Hi everyone,
When we were preparing the boat in La Gomera and talking with Graham Walters
who was preparing his boat "Puffin", Graham having already completed 3
crossings, when asked what he got from the experiences, he said that it was
the extremes, the highs and lows, that gave him the energy to continue. A
couple of days ago we had our best day, not in the best conditions either,
posting a high mileage day. That was a high, and felt great, making the sore
joints well worth it. It energised us both with optimism, humour, banter
creating a high to be remembered. We knew it could be repeated and bettered
and we wanted to show that we could achieve with some quality.

The low followed on its coattails - hot sun, no wind, swell diminishing and
even in the middle of the night a southerly current pushing us and stoping
us. We just had to keep rowing (and still am) at little over a knot against
this flow to stop us going backwards if we stopped. In the middle of this
very difficult and slightly tetchy time Mike caught our first fish providing
a chance to boost morale. It was enough for a meal (being marinated for
consumption tomorrow), bait and returned good banter and a chance for us to
be optimistic again.. Rowing is still terrible, the boats top speed, the
same as our slowest 2 days ago.

Both of us are affected by the highs and lows at different times and in
different ways.

We can become tetchy as said above but so far have avoided faaling out in
other than in a reasonasle way. Today Mike bit his tongueI went for a sleep,
the fish was caught and we look forward together to the next high.