12 May

Fri 12 May 2006 23:39
Hi Tim here.
How much longer are they going to be? I can hear you all asking as you tired
of our daily complaints about currents and wind.
This is our end game:
At present we are still being swept north but have 219 miles to go.
1. We have to break out of this current which is taking us north eveytime we
stop and stops us from going on a track less than 300 T. We have had advice
from Antigua coastguard and Tiny Little (ex rower) and both from their
information say if we keep going we will come out of it "in a day or so".
This was 11/2 days ago.The other side of this current is supposed to be a
current going west.
2. In order to break free of the current and yet not lose too much ground we
are pinching(going tightly to the wind) and this slows us right down. We are
only going at half a knot. When we get out of the current this should free
us up allowing us more speed in the right direction.
3. Next 2 days winds are Se which make things worse but after that 3 days of
east or even NE. Both better for us allowing us to get close to our mark
4. All the above put together will get us moving south west towards Antigua.
We will either make Antigua (a bit hard now after all these north miles we
are still making) or cross into the Carribean as close to Antigau as we can
and then cadge a ride down to the island.
5 Party ,party, party.

If things dont work out like this we'll find another end game.

Tonight we have a midnight rendevous with a yacht on its way to Barcelona
giving us some food. What we would haave done without Liz and Pat organising
things for us. Watch this space.

How long??
As long as it takes I'm afraid. we didnt come this far...........