18 March

Sat 18 Mar 2006 21:03
Hi Everyone

Today we have started to make some progress with winds from the NE holding a
course for Antigua has been possible without too much trouble. Funny weather
with cold rainy times, blustery winds with steep seas and calm sunny bits
too, all in a days rowing.
Yesterday though our milage wasnt great we were pleased with the mileage
with the conditions. We can only row with what we have.

Rowing our boat is a balancing act. The wind blows the hardest on the stern
cabin part and to keep the boat going where you want you have to balance
this with a rudder turning the other way. If nothing was done the boat would
turn across the swell. Those who have windsurfed will understand as the sail
is raked backwards to initiate a turn. With the wind directly behind it is
hard to stay on the wind on the stern as the swell pushes the boat one way
and then another so a lot of steering is then needed to keep going downwind.
The easist is to find a balance with the wind on one side or the other and
then balance it. You can go for ages like this until the wind strength
changes and therefore the effect on the boat changes and it turns