26 April

Wed 26 Apr 2006 21:32
Hi Everyone

We had a good night last night managing to see off about 10 nm of southings.
Conditions are not so easy today but we are battling away with the intention
of pulling onto the same latitude as Antigua by 31 April. That will give us
the best chance of laying English Harbour.
The forecast is not ideal for southing but is for settled easterlies again
until the 31 April. Lets hope these remain so that we have an easy run in
wind the wind on our backs.

Earlier when we were thousands of miles away we would have given anything to
be 490 away. It still seems so far and i suppose we are so much more tired
and jaded that everything is a big effort. It would be brill to row right
into the harbour as this seemed such a long shot at one time.( optimism
rules). I have had the first bout of the lurgy on this trip. I have been
seen with the bucket far too many time today and yesterday. Still rowing
though though i will desert my post if required. It just makes everything so
much more tiring. Anyway nowhere to hidse to lets get on with it.