21 April

Fri 21 Apr 2006 22:44
Hi Everyone

Still hanging in there but conditions today were not helpful, strong current
to the north east coupled with a wind with south in it, not really what we

We will continue to limit northings but it is very difficult at the moment.

To give you some idea of a typical situation, the boat heading at 04 00hrs
was 210 deg true (almost pointing up the wave front) our track across the
ground was 290 deg true, the current was running at 320 deg true at about
0.6 kt, the wind was 104 deg true. We are not clear what the current is, it
appears to be the wrong angle for the North Equatorial current (more like
280) and could be a stray circulating current. We usually work our way
through the circulation ones quite quickly but this is more persistent
making us believe it is a bit more serious.