23 Martch

Thu 23 Mar 2006 23:48
Hi its Mick

Firstly, I would like to start by thanking all of you that have expressed
your condolences for the death of my father, for your kind thoughts and for
your unanimous support for my decision to continue rowing until the we reach
Antigua. This has been a big support to me. . Tim has also been outstanding
providing his support.

My family have made arrangements for my father's funeral which will take
place on Thursday 30 March at 3 30pm. At this time we will stow oars and
hold a small ceremony on board Fraser's Boat to contincide with the funeral
itself. In this way we will hope to connect with and share in the grief of
my family and friends.

On the rowing front we are making steady progress the rollers have arived
marching relentlessly across the seas and giving us a lift. The accompanying
wind seems to be almost absence, it can only be a matter of time before we
expeience the experience of roller surfing, hope, hope.

In the next few days we will reach the half distance stage. Halfway in
distance but in terms of difficulty we feel that we are over the worst.
Always dangerous to admit to this, but our talk is most definitely of when
and not if we get to Antigua. We are all also talking of dates but we will
keep you guessing on that one.

Food is an issue for us and no crub is wasted. Some of the packets of crisps
which survived the inundation are a bit on the soft side are eaten with out
bother.Some porridge packs has been recovered but started to go moulody, its
just a matter of sorrting out the good from the bad. The stove no longer
works so everything is eaten cold. Breakfast today was asmall bowl of
porridge raisins, honey and lots of sugar, Lunch , one chappati and cheese
slices, our evening meal was aready meal and a tin of apricot. Stuffed with
milk powder to make cream! Hardly the sort of stuff to row an ocean, anyway
we have to make it last. Little treats are there like bits of chocolate,
raisins, cold tea and coffee, (yummy), etc, The porridge will last for a
couple of weeks then we will make alternative arrangements for breakfast.
We, I mean I, need to catch this fish. Don't worry, we have enough to last
it out.

We saw a cargo shipon the horizon today, first for 1000 miles , we are not
exalty crowded out over here.