Day 5

Fri 3 Feb 2006 23:38
Hi everyone again,
Thanks loads for the short lines of encouragement.which come in fromn all
angles. Its such a buzz to
the messages. If you email some chat again please dont think we're rude if
we dont reply
but writing emails is quite hard on the swell.and we have never been so
At present we are about 145 miles out from the last land with loads to go,
but very slowly we are
establishing a routine that will work. The weather is good at present but we
are always aware that the ocean has a darker side. If we can keep doing 30+
sea miles
a day now, we hope that we can increase that when we reach the trade winds
belt in about 20
Fatigue, hands, bum and lack of sleep are hard to handle but we are working
together rubbing cream on inaccessible places. Its too long a time ahead to
say more than we are on our way and working our socks off to complete.
Its 22.00 and one shift each to go before we stop rowing for the night for
hours and just let the boat drft.Its the only way to survive the routine if
we get enough rest. The last shift was a pleasure though with a calm sea,
fair breeze, music on the Zen (ipod but different) and steering by "The
Plough". Saw a large ship in the distance but she didnt answer our friendly
VHF call. The rowing
today has been good apart from my shoulder and
my hand blisters. My bum is not as bad as Micks which is very sore.The
stars, the isolation and the whole thing is quite massive and hits you in
moments until a pain in the bum brings you back to earth. (or ocean.) it
must be sore but no complaints just.

We heard that Graham Walters left the other day.We got on well with him as
we prepared our boats together. When we are going slowly we have the fear
that "Puffin "will come blasting past.

Mick wants to add his bit when he stops his row. I hope his bum improves. -
Fancy telling the world about my bim, its very personal. Tim did sterling
work today applying a plaster in the critical spot. This lasted about an
hour before it fell off though..

Not a lot to add except that things seem to be falling into a bit of a
pattern that we can handle without falling off our seats with exhaustion.

Tim and Mick