May 11

Thu 11 May 2006 22:21

Not a lot good to say about today. The easterly turned out guess what to be
south easterly, but then again had no power in it. We strayed into the grips
of a ne current running at up to 1.5kn. Without the power to overcome it we
have been fighting a loosing battle and tracking upwards of 340 true
(intended track 256 true).

We have been in toch with Liz and Pat in Antigua where the coast guard
monitor these currents, apparently there is a counter current of equal and
opposite intensity about 12 mile south and 70 miles west if we could make it
to there. Little chance at the moment. We are heading off in the direction
of Florida and can only fight a holding battle to limit distance lost.

Food is also becoming an issue again with only 6 days supplies on board. We
are investigating a further resupply but no concrete plans have been made.
We know there may be a yacht heading out from Antigua soon Barcelona bound
and the girls are trying to make contact with the owners.

In the meantime we plod on in the sunshine. Yes, it is a glorious day in all
other respects. So not all bad.