7 March

Tue 7 Mar 2006 21:21

A good day on the oars and the stove jet has decided of its own acc\ord to
partially unblock which proves the adage 'if in doubt, do nowt'. Anyway Tim
managed to cook dinner without covering us all with soot. If any one has an
idea how to unblock it completely let us know. We don't seem to have
anything really fine and firm enough to push into the hole.

We have decided to try our hand at fishing. We have some plugs and a
patternoster trace with hooks with feathers. We obviously don't want to
catch anything to big as our pot is quite small. We thought it would be good
to do boiled fish and possibly dried raw fish we don't have any cooking oil
etc.. Anyway I reckoned they would jump onto the hook as we normally have an
ontourage of fishy friends following the boat and I am not talking about
Tim's sharks. Infact has this thing that something is going to grsb him when
he is hanging over the side doing the washing up.

I dropped the paternoster in and within seconds this big thing grabbed hold
of it and was off. It was on for a millisec before it bit through the nylon
line. Thank god for that.We need advise from dorado expert or someone who
has fished for food in these parts. We want small edible fish and recipes.
It has been said that we are eating too much and want a bit extra. For sure
there are no picky appetites on this boat and if we had twice the amount of
food it would be eaten.

Following some good news with the stove we nearly had disaster with the
watermaker. We had always said that the watermaker cupboard had special
status. No dumping. Anyway we did and this knocked the waste pipe off
allowing seawater to enter. We found it full of water, the motor
underwater!!!!!! I had sealed it as best I could before installation with
tape and mastic because this had always concerned me. Anyway after pumping
the chamber dry we found the system worked, shoiuld I strip the motor down
to check, I'm inclined to leave well alone, fingers crossed..