24 March

Fri 24 Mar 2006 23:06
Hi Readers
Well we have had a glorious day in the sunshine, the sky has been a
beautiful crystal blue without a cloud in sight. The sea has been flat
except for the rollers that are wondering around our landscape, wind has
been virtually none existant. The rollers are vast. the distance between
crests can be 100s metres but they are having little effect on us and as a
result its just another grunt day on the oars in order to make any sensible

The scenery has to be wondered about so blue, so vast, so soft, so red, we
certainly have it all.

Mr Fettle himself the chief cook and bottle washer has been busying himself
about the boat causing mayhem. Anything not moving for a period of time will
get fettled as matter of course by this man. Today floor boards were up,
hatches were open, buckets of
water here and and scourers there. I think he must be getting butter fingers
because in the course of his activities he has managed to loose two scourers
overboad. We are now down to one. I'm only glad it wasn't me that lost them.
would never have heard the last of it. As it is he calls me mucktub on a
good day, as I normaly eat whilst siting in the rowing position. Sometimes
its so windy food is whisked off the spoon between bowl and mouth messing up
the boat and depriving me of nourishment! I have now taken to sticking my
nose in the bowl so as to minimise scatter.

Hi its Tim. Its all very well complaining but someone has to try and keep
things Bristol fashion. Mick has without letting me know, has brought his
toy box with him.Full of very useful things like bits of wire to drop here,
washers to scatter everywhere, nuts, even self lockers dropped and
discarded. When he gets his main toy box out he leaves out saws, G-claamps
and pincers ready to grab your bum as yuu sit down, always left and not put
away especially at meal times.

Meal times is something else Food goes everywhere.as he described above. One
idea Mick had to speed things up with the rowing was for each in turn to eat
in the hutch. There are no industrial cleaners available here so no chance.
We wouldnt be able to get into the hutch anyway because of all his toys left
everywhere, after another bout of trying to catch fish through engineering.
Springs, elastic, shock absorbers, sstreteching up and down the boat. No
fish though. I'm told bait is also a problem and was not pleased when there
were moves to put my lunch sardines on the hook. I suggested fish might like
a tea bag soaked in fish juice. Still no fish.