16 May

Tue 16 May 2006 20:37
Mick Here

Over night we have make great progress southwards on a strong NE wind. By
midday we had tracked 25 nm and taken off another 15nm ( 26nm on the whole
of the last day). our Latitiude is now 17 40N. Still need to go a further
40nm south to bring us level with English Harbour. The NE wind is forecast
to be with us for another 10/12 hours after which it will change to a
This will not give us sufficient time to reach our next way point but we are
confident that can cope with this. After the way point we are advised that
must press on with all effort to maintain a predominately souitherly
proghress , even dropping below the latitude of English Harbour. This will
then allow for the ESE and SE winds forecast for later in the week when we
will be hopefully on the home straight.

There is always a twist so at the peak of the NE blow with Tim exclaiming
that we were making speeds of 2.8kn we were hit with a short sharp rain
storm, the wind swung to the east and stayed there for a while, in the
meantime the sea changed from a live think promoting our speed to one
glueing us to the water. Speeds dropped to fractions of a kn, unbelieveable.
As we write we are rebuilding the process and moving to pass our waypoint at
a more modest speed of 1.2kn. Overal though we have had a fantastic day on
the oars and will have covered the distance to the way point by tomorrow
breakfast a total distance of 52nm in about 1.5 days.

Over the course of our travels we have had two big pushes to make way south.
Each time periods of southerly winds have forced us back north. This is our
best push yet and we are now at a latitude of 17 37N. There is no hope for a
further push if this one fails as we are getting ever closed to our goal,
English Harbour. The forecast is in our favour so we are confident we can
hold to the gains made on this occasion.

Looking on the GPS log I notice that we have travelled to date from La
Gomera, can you actually remember that place all those months ago, 2855nm
and we have 135nm to run. This brought it home to us, we are almost there
but the task of completing those last few miles seems as great as ever, even
after having one our best days on the oars. Its amazing that in a few days
time we will be able to relax and remember the events of the last few
months. It this all and nothing scenario which is so problematic. We have to
put all thoughts of lazing by pools suppin' Rum punches and get the job

I enjoy the rowing, so does Tim, particularly when we can have some sport,
and I know what he means, but we both want this journey to end. We have to
dig deep for our final reward. That will be some reward to.

Tim is outside on the oars giving himself a good talking to, you need to
realign your mind to the task from time to time. This is obviously one of
those moments.

On the culinary side things have improved enormously since the last drop. We
have plenty of fresh fruit and nibbles. Rowing lends itself to snacking and
having a pot of goodies to go at makes for happy rowers. All the breakfast
cereals were mixed up into one big bag the other day. Plenty now for
breakfast plus other snacks.