5th April 2006

Wed 5 Apr 2006 20:40
Tim here,
The ocean is so mysterious, beautiful and powerful. Hows that for an
Last night we were struggling to go anywhere. Everytime we slowed or stopped
to drink or change over Frazers Boat started to go due north taken by a
mysterious force. The light wind and swell was in our direction, we were
rowing yet with everything going in one direction the ocean wanted to take
us somewhere else. Thats the powerful bit. It does with you what it chooses.

I have sailed a little bit off shore, away from the lights of a town and
last night there were so many stars that it was awesome and mysterious.
Never have we experienced such a view of the stars. It was a special piece
of the ocean provided for us alone. No one else was sharing the performance
it was a private showing. So far from anyone else with such a view was the
mysterious bit - the whats it all about thoughts we have in similar

The beautiful bit was the weather calmed, and calmed and calmed until there
was absolutely no sea movement, ripple or swell. So far out and so
peaceful - not a sound as the boat just stayed (still being pushed
imperceptibly north) completely still and tranquil. The sea was a shining
black mirror with each and every star reflected and shimmering. The moon had
been involved in this until it sunk into the ocean somewhere on the horizon.
The beautiful bit.

We just stopped and looked. We were being given a treat of such a high order
and worthwhile being marooned, stuck and making no progress. A high in a
low. (Add that to the discussion about highs and lows)

Hi Mick here - I can agree with everything that Tim has stated. We were
infact treated to a remarkable experience. Trying to row in the flat calm
was impossible, oars struck water surfaces like iron and the boat was stuck
as if in glue. I was on the oars during one of these periods and ended up
stretched out on the deck staring up in the sky marvelling at the incredible
sights and the total silence, a silence that I have only ever experienced
before in wilderness Canada, a silence so tangible that it could be cut with
a knife.

The other remarkable thing is that a morning which promised nothing has
allowed us to 'power' on today at an average approaching 2 kn.