26/27 March 2006

Tue 28 Mar 2006 12:18
Hi everyone.
Sorry about the lack of blog pages but there has been loads going on.
The fish we caught was eventually eaten. We marinated it for 24 hrs in sea
water and
tried it with a chilli sauce. My first mouthful was boney and tough. We then
ate the chilli (cold of course) washed the remainder of the chilli off the
fish, cut it up into small strips and eatg the fish separately.and there we
have it. Tea (or evening meal
for some of our posher readers) of sushi, salty and OK. Trouble is we have
no more fish to eat. only a tub of bait, which makes our rowing boat smell
like a Whitehaven Trawler.The fish round here are also excellent at nabbing
the hooks, the bait but not offering themselves for food.

Good and bad days.
Mick here,
The weather conditions have been a lot better for making progress. The seas
are messy caused by depression in the North Atlantic but we are making the
best of them and returning some good mileages though not always

On the fishing front we have lost a few fish, we are using a wire trace but
the other day one of the links holding the hook trace to nylon line broke!
The other day I was rowing at night when this object flew over my shoulder
from behind and slammed into the hutch bulkhead. There was then a commotion
as the poor flying fish, about a foot long died a slow death in the swimming
pool (do you remember, the leg well in front of the hutch entrance that used
to fill up with water in the early days). That was tomorrow's bait and the
day after for that matter.