30 April

Sun 30 Apr 2006 19:17
This trip goes on for ever. Over the last few days we have been subjected to
a series of squalls which have made us use the parachute anchor to avoid too
much drifting in the high winds. Unfortunately we have lost valuable ground
made south as the curent, wind and waves push us north all the time. The
Equitorial current is strongly pushing us north and our course is impossible
to hold as its against the wave pattern as well as the elements. Today even
an ENE wind has driven us 300deg T which is 35degs off course.

We have a small number of options. We have to try and cross the same
longitude line as Antigua but at this rate will be quite a way north. A
return to civilization from there would require a very long tow. We are
making enquiries about companies able to help. Rowing this ocean has become
very stressful as our food situation with all the delays is dire. Yesterday
we shared a soup and a cake for main meal. A shared tin of sardines and some
crisps for lunch. Breakfast is some survival rations and a spoon of jam. Not
the stuff required to row 24 hrs a day. We still have over 400 miles to go
and our reserves are very low. However the wind direction may change and
blow our way for once.

We really need a break now as we scan the horizon for another food boat.