!000 mile service.

Fri 10 Mar 2006 22:54
10 March 1006
What a cpuple of days as they have swung from one end of things to the
!000 miles completed - we have felt every inch. But for a moment we took a
photo pf the mileage and we were doing 2 knots - a good speed so far. We
decided yp give the boat a full 1000 mile service and from then on
everything went down hill.
Firstly we found that a small pipe, the waste pipe of the watermaker, and
had flooded the locker conraining the watermaker, invluding the electric
motor. Pump pou and all seemed rell as rge motor qorked ok.Crisis over ???
Second on the list of jobs was ro check the water tight hatches containing
our last 40 dats of provisions. I couldnt believe it when i opened the
hatches there was over 1ft of wate in each locker. I was only checking an
inventory as it should have been completely dry there. We know thae food
will be tight later as we dont have enough snacky type foods. So i was to
find out the exact state of our larder. It was in fact a mess. So out it
came from the locker, everything kept that was packed on airtight packages
but we lost most of the porridge, tea, friut and nut a real downr as we were
already low on that sort of food. We repacked, bagged and stowed awat else
where and fed oats and nuts to the fush. Lockers to clwan and anither
problem to solve. Better finding out now than later. Mick and i are swopping
rowing/writing now.