Up to 24th April

Mon 24 Apr 2006 19:29

The blog below didnt get sent cos we ran out of power and then had a cloudy

Today things have been perfect.
I took over from Mick at 6.00 this morning and after another torrid night
was expecting a grunt to "Hows things" but he had noticed some small changes
in angles of wind and waves and within an our things were different.
The wind has been perfect allowing us a rattle along at 2.00 knots in a calm
sea and in a direction that has put right our lost ground of yesterday.
For you who read this stuff it may seem that we are so easily depressed or
elated and i suppose we are. However I have never been negative about the
outcome and as things get harder i get even more determined to achieve the
goal. We may not be able to row right into Antigua harbour but we will row
the atlantic and get as close as we can to the perfect finish. Sometimes the
perfect finish can seem a long way away when you are being driven way off
course. But i have said many times the ocean always changes and today it was

The Ocean Rowing Society has said we need to cross the longitude of 61.4
degrees West which is that of English harbour Antigua. That means that we
need to cross north or south of the line is OK but the plan is still to aim
for the harbour. If we have winds like today that would be easy. We are
still so determined to finish.

Another first. Today we saw our first aircraft flying over us for nearly
2300 miles. It was quite a moment as if we are nearing some civilisation
perhaps even on the way to Antigua.We have been really surprised not to see
any planes or boats for most of the crossng.

600 miles to go.

A good 5 day forcast and trying our best to get south as well as west.
Things happier on the boat now we are making progress and can see more
positives ahead. Sorry if we were a little down but being here is different
from anywhere else we have experienced.

take care and thanks for the emails.
T x