6 April

Thu 6 Apr 2006 17:52

Hope you liked the fish picture. Sorry it was a bit late in arriving. Since
then all my efforts have come to nought even my smelly bait bucket contents
got confined to the drink the other day. The sea appears to be devoid of the
fish that we saw in the first half of our journey.

Yes, we are under the 1000nm to go point. We passed this at 16 15hrs this
today. We had a good day yesterday 41 nm under our scoring system which has
a start and stop time of around 10 30 hrs. We are also doing well again in
terms of distance but it is hard work on a confused but productive sea.
Things are easing a little now and we are hoping for a steady night allowing
us to pull back more of the distance we lost a few days back.

I was looking more closely at the mechanism used by flying fish to maintain
themselves airborne again, they are clearly not purely gliding as their
flight path is too flat and only just above the waves. Are they using the
wind to generate lift or are they using their wings , anyone got any
knowledge on this one.

We had a small one flying fish land on the boat the other day and lodge
unknowingly under the solar panel. I found it when I did a clean of the
panels. It was about 5cm long and well dried out. We had half each with our
dinner, times are hard! Tastes a bit like an anchovy hmmm yummy. Because of
the 1000nm milestone we get to have cheese and biscuits again this evening
plus a special drink maybe.