17 March

Fri 17 Mar 2006 20:17
Hi Everyone

Light winds from the NNE are making for slow progress. We are rowing, rowing
rowing stoically but not a lot to raise a smile at the moment except for
your jokes.

We have been pushed south by the winds overthe last week and do not really
want to go any further at this stage. Our course to steer track at this
point on our great circle route is 269 true at the moment. If we fall much
further south we will have to recover northings in order to stay on our
track. At the moment we are hold our course even in the conditions but only
at speeds that vary from 1 to 1.2 Kt.

Practically it means rowing across the wave pattern which becomes very hard.
Thought I'd have a moan. We really hoped that we would find trade winds down
here but last night were even held up by a north western for a while.

At least the weather is sunny but it makes our little hutch very hot and
sweaty. Enough.

Tonight and tomorrow the same but ever hopful for something to help push us
along to the finish.

Everybody take care and thanks for all the messages. Those we dont answer
please dont take it personally but all your messages are appreciated. Tx