28th March 06

Tue 28 Mar 2006 21:40
We are so busy!!!!!!
Seriously I dont know where the time goes. We are both struggling with the
endurances needed to complete this trip. We seem to be looking to sleep
whenever we are not rowing or eating. Although we have passeed half way,
that is demotivating as another the same would be a killer.What we are
concentrating on are blocks of a handred miles which can ba ticked off in
about 3 days. Soon we will have 1200 to go to Antigua and that means that in
less than a week we will have less than 1000 to go, again ticked off in
100s. This seems more motivating than doing the same distance again.

We are becoming a bit more concerned about the amount of food left as the
light airs we are in make our arrival less soon than hoped (Sounds poor)

We will soon pick up again when we have had a nap.
T x