Matagi Bay

Wayward Adventure
Thu 26 Aug 2010 22:31

16:43.821s 179:44.635w


Nice 2 day trip up to Taveuni and surrounding islands.  First stop was to Matei for rest after a 60 mile morning to evening run up.  The next morning we headed to Matagi bay, a little horseshoe bay off of the island of Qamea (pronounced Gamea) that was said to be one of the most beautiful in all of Fiji, maybe even the South Pacific.  Upon arrival to Matagi we noticed a superyacht called Sefirin anchored in the bay and hoped there was room left for us to anchor.  As we got closer we saw that there was just enough room for the both of us but just as we entered the bay a helicopter came swooping in over the ridge and started doing circles around their yacht.  It took a second to realize that they were doing a photo shoot and we were in their shot.  Now I love the Wayward but I highly doubt that we were a welcome sight for them and so we decided to not include ourselves in the  shoot and wait outside the entrance for them to finish up.  We laughed ,as it was way over the top, as this cameraman was hanging out of the sidedoor strapped in like a door gunner in combat as the pilot was doing crazy maneuvers up, forward, sideways all the while circling just feet from this superyacht’s mast and the surrounding trees .  Then after 20 minutes of this, zoom back over the hill and gone.   What a circus.  Lauren refused to take pictures of this as she said it would only encourage them.   We did take some of the bay  when we had it to ourselves.  It really is a gem of a spot and glad we checked it out.  So next is to a small bay off of Taveuni to figure out how to get over and find the numerous waterfalls that are on the island.  Zanovia and myself did some snorkeling in Matagi and it was nice but hoping to get to some of the world renowned sites that are just a few miles away.