Fatu Hiva

Wayward Adventure
Sat 11 Apr 2009 19:19
10:27.876s 138:40.168w
Decided to head to Fatu Hiva and see the famous bay of Virgins as it is called.  Arrived yesterday afternoon amid rain and fog.  The visibility is not good but good enough to see some of the rock formations that make this place so special.  It really is hard to describe.  One issue with the anchorage here is that there are about 5 catamarans anchored here (I assume that they are all together)and I had to anchor outside of them in 110 ft of water.  A little too deep to feel comfortable, especially when around 8p.m.  ferocious winds came barreling down the canyon into the bay.  They reminded me of the williwaws in the Aleutian islands on the lee side bays where you anchored and had tremendous gusts coming down the mountains.  One of the catamarans was dragging really badly and was re-anchoring half the night,but we held strong and so did our new canopy(barely).  At about 6p.m. Richard on the Abrazo pulled in just having made landfall from Cabo san Lucas.  I am sure they are glad to see land finally.  We are going to cook them dinner tonight after they are all rested up.  As far as pictures go we cannot post any until we have a wi-fi connect that can handle big attachments so until then (maybe Nuka Hiva) Google earth has good pictures.  So long,