La Paz

Wayward Adventure
Mon 15 Dec 2008 21:31
24:10.997n 110:18.240w
We have been tied up at Marina Palmira in La Paz for about a week now and really like this town.  It is a big city by Baja standards and has all the amenities you could ask for and more.  The people here are extremely friendly as opposed to the Mexicans in Cabo who are trying to make some quick cash and it shows in attitude.  Here it is normal to walk down the street make eye contact and say hello.  It has also been nice being on a dock and not having to think about how much water or power you used for the day.  We did spend a night on Espiritu Santo island but other than that we have not had a chance to explore the highly recomended anchorages around here.  I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my daughter and mother on Saturday the 20th and look forward to seeing the sights with them.  Almost all tourists here have come by boat and it is strange but actually logical the fact that there are so many people here from the Pacific Northwest. I would say half the 'Gringos' are from Washington and B.C. and the other half  European, Austrailian or Californian. Most Californians don't need much of a vacation from the weather but we get fed up with the rain and go to the other rain.  Will send some pictures, with the next entry, of the sights here.  Take care,