Wayward Adventure
Tue 29 Sep 2009 21:26
18:45.051s 174:04.850w   
Anchored in the lee of a small island in Vava'u.  The routine has been go to town get groceries get on the internet then head back out to the islands.  The weather has been perfect so we have explored most of the anchorages that are available in Vava'u.  There are some 42  anchorages numbered by the Moorings guide book that most cruisers use.  Moorings the charter company here has conveniently numbered all the useable anchorages for ease of use by the charter clients but the numbering system has actually taken over the actual names of the islands, as we are at Ovalau but it is numbered 40 in the guide book so when someone calls to ask where we are on the radio we just say number 40.  I think even the locals know the numbers as well.  So this morning as I was sitting down to write this blog entry I was interrupted by a Tsunami alert by a fellow cruiser on the radio.  Funny thing is when I woke up this morning I heard a low rumble that sounded like an earthquake but it was very very faint so I disregarded it.  Then around 7 A.M.  a tsunami alert was given.  The epicenter was near Samoa and some damage to Samoa occurred but here there was just some tidal surge of about 6ft going up then down every 15 minutes or so.  It was exciting but not too big of a deal.  The current around the island we are near was kind of intense and we are glad we did not have to encounter a real Tsunami.  The plan for now is to hang here for a few more weeks then head south to Tongatapu to get ready for the trip to New Zealand.