Day 5

Wayward Adventure
Sun 22 Mar 2009 23:53
16:24.681n 116:09.291w
No news is good news as they say.  Did have our big orange sail rip along a seam.  The same thing happened on the San diego to Cabo trip and Lauren fixed it up but the seam above it ripped this time.  John Caruso in La Paz was right, the stitching was really done poorly so we have to retire that sail for the trip and maybe we will re stitch it on a later date.  I did see a shark fin behind the boat earlier, it wasn't following but did cross quite close.  Couldn't tell the size, all I could see was the dorsal fin and it was about a foot and a half out of the water.  We do wear harnesses when on deck but that still put chills down my spine to see one out here in the middle of nowhere.  Wind seemed to have picked up some so hopefully we will put some miles behind us.  Manana,