Smugglers cove

Wayward Adventure
Fri 18 Dec 2009 20:29
35:51.500s 174:31.805e
On our way to Auckland to prepare for Christmas and family visits.  Had fun in the bay of islands and will return again at a future date.  On our way down we stopped in Whangamumu Bay and had a small surprise when two Penguins swam by the boat.  It was quite a shock since we figured that penguins only lived in cold climates but it was 70 degrees out and sunny.
Our next stop was Smuggler's Cove where we are currently anchored. We had the good fortune of rendezvousing with our good friend Aedgard on the boat "Lariekoek" who you may recall had the misfortune of winding up on a reef in Fiji. We caught up on everything that had happened since we last saw each other in Tonga and he gave us the inside scoop on his salvage adventures on Mago Island. It was great to see that Aedgard and his boat are still sailing and in good spirits.
Our next stop is Kawau Island which will be our last stop before we enter the Viaduct Harbor in downtown Auckland. I am sure we will have a better internet connection there which will allow us to catch up on all the pictures we have neglected to post in recent months.