Day 3

Wayward Adventure
Sat 21 Mar 2009 00:56
18:48.363n 113:12.109w
Had a slow night with light winds at 5 knots but today the winds have picked up and moving along at 7 knots.  The night sky is impressive and full when it is clear.  It has been a beam reach(wind from the side) and not that comfortable riding in the trough but not too bad either.  Actually saw an island today or at least the towers on it.  There is a small group of islands out here that are not well known but hopefully known by any sailors on this route.  Made radio contact with a fellow sailor Richard on Abrazo, he is from Bellingham and sailing to the Marquesas as well.  He is only 75nm behind us.  I think he is heading south to catch the trade winds west while we are going to take the point A to point B approach and simplify and hopefully shorten the trip.  The famous trade winds blow on either side of the Equator.  North of the Equator  they tend to blow from the NE and are likewise called the NE trades.  The SE trades blow south of the Equator and tend to be alittle lighter this time of year than the NE trades, so the theory is to head south to the NE trades and ride them west then head southwest to the Marquesas, we are going to just head south west until the doldrums then straight south and then resume southwest heading.  The doldrums will have to wait until another time to be explained.  Well that's the plan anyhow, we shall see.