Wayward Adventure
Sun 3 May 2009 20:26
15:49.584s 145:07.140w
Anchored in the Atoll of Kauehi.  Arrived yesterday afternoon.  Once inside the atoll it took about two hours to cross it to the anchorage site.  Traveling across an atoll can be a dangerous affair with the waters littered with "boomies" as they are called locally.  Boomies are coral heads that rise up from the lagoon bottom and can be easily seen with a lookout on the bow.  I think the nickname speaks for it self so we traveled slow and cautiously.  The size of the lagoon is impressive as you can barely see to the other side.  This is the first time I have ever seen truly turquoise water.  All the sand is white and the entire atoll is lined with picture perfect  coconut trees.  It is like an Oasis in the desert here.  There is a village here that we went into yesterday and has probably 100 people living there.  The main form of income here is Black Pearl farming as the lagoon has buoyed areas with oysters strung on a line.  We plan on getting a tour of one of the farms today by someone we met yesterday and can give more details on the Pearls later.  We both had our best sleep in months as the waters of the lagoon are extremely tranquil as apposed to the rolly anchorages of the Marquesas.  We are going to relax and enjoy for 3 or 4 days then move over to Fakarava, one atoll over.  Fakarava is acclaimed for its scuba diving and actually has a few hotels and an airstrip to bring in supplies and tourist daily.  That's all for now,