Wayward Adventure
Thu 15 Jul 2010 19:17

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Bula Hello

Anchored in Musket cove considered the cruising Mecca of Fiji.  Have spent some time in Nadi as well, the biggest town in this part of Fiji, but have not really done much exploring as we had a good friend come and visit and have just been hanging out with the few boats that remain of our old cruising community.  Our friends on Lightfoot have recently sold their boat but will continue on to deliver it to Australia so wanted to spend as much time with them as possible before they depart.  Our friend Ted has come and gone since our arrival to Fiji but his spirit remains as well as a drink named after him at the infamous Island Bar here in Musket cove.  In only a few weeks Ted made enough of an impression with the locals to coin the drink of Rum and Guava an “Uncle Ted”.  The fact that everyone called him Uncle Ted without any prior knowledge that people called him this back home made it that much more funny.  Some things are just universal.  So now we will go to Nadi and celebrate Laurens upcoming birthday then stock up and visit the Yasawa islands sometime next week.  Fiji is without a doubt the best cruising grounds we have been to as there is just so much to see here and the prices are unbeatable.  Thanks for checking in on us…