Caleta San Juanico

Wayward Adventure
Fri 6 Feb 2009 17:51
26:21.986n 111:25.889w
This is by far our favorite spot we have been to in Mexico.  We have been here for a week and can't say enough about this beautiful anchorage.  So what do you do when you are anchored out with just two people away from civilization you ask?  Nothing you don't want to.  When you wake up, each day is exactly the same, sunny clear skies light breeze 80 degrees.  The only thing that is different is you.  What do you want to do.  The first thing that must be learned is how to do nothing.  This is not as easy as it looks and takes some adjustment.  After you have relaxed enough then you can figure out what you want to do with your day  It is like taking a kid from the city out into the woods.  At first he will sit there and think how boring it is, no noise,no tv, no nothing, but if you give him time he will realize that there is allot to do if you open your eyes.  So what to do, what to do.  We have shifted our hours first off because there is no reason to be up late at night so we go to bed at 9 or 10pm and wake up early naturally.  The radio is our only source of news news and we may or may not tune in to hear about who did what to who or what happened to what's his face.  The water here is really clear and you can see the bottom from the boat so we are always being tempted to go swimming or snorkeling.  There are some interesting rock formations that have allot of sealife living amongst them.  Parrot fish and all these strange and colorful fish that we have no idea what there names are.  We also found an estuary alittle ways back when we were hiking around the beach heads.  What a nice surprise to turn the corner and see all this lush vegetation, it was like being at the arboretum in Summer.  Usually around noon time we are visited by a group of swimmers that come out from the beach and swim out to our boat then swim back to the beach about 300 yards away.  They are two families from Canada that drove down in there trucks and set up a camp on the beach.  About four adults and six kids from 6 to 16.  Hans originally from the Netherlands is the Papa and is loving the beach life.  He is quit philosophical and has a nice approach to life.  He laments at how kids these days never get to go out to the wide open spaces and see all the stars at night and use there own imagination when playing.  I think this applies to grown ups as well.  About three days ago we decide that since we had mastered the game of backgammon we would do some bright work, meaning sanding and varnishing.  Sounds like work?  It is but it depends on how you look at it.  We turn some music on and start in on it  and sand away.   Then comes the varnish and it is immediate reward for the toil of sanding.  When you are done you really feel like you accomplished something tangible.  We recently received in depth instructions from a friend, via email, on how to forage for scallops in this very anchorage.  Where they are and how to harvest them.  We have no excuse now and hope to have some tonight but first we must finish some bright work and maybe go forage while the varnish dries. 
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