40th Birthday

Wayward Adventure
Sun 13 Sep 2009 05:23
Still anchored in Vavau.  We have traveled around to most of the anchorages in the area and have been having a great time when the weather gives us a break.  It seems to be either blowing hard or raining allot so the sunny calm days are much appreciated.  A few days ago we celebrated my 40th birthday at a local establishment called the Giggling Whale(yes they got the name from the giggling marlin in Cabo).  The party idea kind of grew from an idea to have a pig roast somewhere, then we decided to incorporate it into a birthday party.  Lauren took over the planning once we got to Tonga and the party snowballed into something else.  About 100 people attended including Tongan dancers and musicians as well as a fire dancer.  Five pigs were roasted on site and displayed before being devoured by the hungry cruising community.  The biggest surprise of the night was the fact that the Tongan dancers were actually Fakalele dancers or in other words Tongan drag queens.  That put the party onto another level and I knew then that I had better "go with the flow" as I was advised to earlier in the night.  So I willingly accepted the obvious challenge laid before me and danced with the Fakalele dancers despite my instincts that told me to run out of there like Forest Gump.  I stayed and was rewarded with a serenade by 20 real women singing "The Wayward Wind" song and each giving me a necklace and a kiss as they sang a song that I am sure most of them had never heard before.  We all had so much fun late into the night and I learned one thing, don't let Lauren throw a party for you unless you want it to be an "event".  I don't think we will ever forget that one and I doubt I will have another to top that one.  Thanks my love.